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I have been listening to people that it is better to be silent when the other person is really angry. Yes, I guess it is right to end the fight or to calm down the other person; one should keep silent so that it is not prolonged. It is true in certain situations (which I don’t know yet because I speak from my personal observations and experiences). Actually my point of view is that unless you do or say something that helps the other one to calm down, his/her anger can not be controlled easily. For example one person pisses…

Be gentle

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I wrote on this concept earlier with the title, “Law of Attraction: A Very powerful Law of Universe that can Make Your Life a Living Paradise” which says, “The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.” This piece of writing suggests that this law does work. I wrote many hopeful things there. In the end, I did mention that by thinking good and happy you can make your life a living paradise.

I wonder, why do we always have to pretend that everything is good or would turn out…

A Typical Desi Mard (male) dilemma.

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In Asia, especially in Pakistan and India, there is a deeply rooted tradition of arranged marriage. The tradition is that the family members of a boy go to see a girl in her home. The girl serves food and shows them her ‘mannerism’. Boy’s family members, most probably mother, looks at the girl from head to toe. She judges her character, way of speaking, her complexion, education, mannerisms and many ,many other things in just one sitting and then rejects on one simple thing such as ‘girl’s complexion is not fair or she is…

Please understand others

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Psychology says we try to avoid certain situations that give us the feelings of anxiety and depression. People do certain tricks to avoid such situations. It is called Defense Mechanisms. These are,

“…psychological strategies brought into play by the unconscious mind to manipulate, deny, or distort reality in order to defend against feelings of anxiety and unacceptable impulses and to maintain one’s self-schema or other schemas.”

Denial, Repression, Projection, Displacement, Regression, Rationalization, Sublimation, Reaction formation etc. are the examples of defense mechanism. If you search these terms, you will find some interesting concepts about human nature. …

Do our parents really know what’s best for us?

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Once I was talking to my nearest, dearest friend and my phone-pal (yes, I made this term for her) Nidacheema. She said something that moved me to write this story. First of all, let me explain the background story of her views.

Being the part of a Desi Asian family (Pakistan, India, etc), I have seen certain aspects so closely that they are needed to be written down. This story is related to a certain behavior, tradition, norm, value, this and that. Our lives are filled with “this and that”. …

Patience is a virtue but Timing is a bitch!

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I have been meaning to write on this for so long. This phrase has many levels. I mean what is the purpose of saying “timing is a bitch” and for whom? Well, I would only unveil some points or areas where I would like to explain that “timing is a bitch” really (this is my personal perspective). For the first time, I heard this line in one of my favorite sitcoms, How I Met Your Mother where Robin, the protagonist’s love interest, says to Ted, the protagonist:

“If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing: timing. …

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I read a one line story once

“He was hammering nails in his wall (thakk thakk thakk), the neighbor got so irritated that he divorced his wife”.

Got it?

May be

Let me put this in other words.

Sometimes in life you get so irritated with a petty thing that it gives you a nudge to do something that you were pending for so long. …

Dark is good, Dark is beautiful, Dark is love… TOO

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I belong to a society where you hear certain utterances every now and then, “how beautiful and fair (white) she is!” and, “do something, your complexion is so dark, have some fairness cream, facial or treatment for it”, and, “that foundation is soo good, you know it made my skin so glowing and lighter” etc.

Black Complexion matters

We should accept that black complexion matters. Zara Abid, one of Pakistan’s top fashion models (died in recent PIA Plane Crash, 2020), said that at the start of her career she had…

I read a story written by Mubashar Ali Zaidi a while ago. He is an Urdu writer and journalist, He writes stories based on 100 words which is called “100 lafzon ki kahani (a 100 words story)”. The story that I read was “Mukhtalif (different)”. It is based on Labor Day.

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So, on that day I would like to translate that story.

Mukhtalif (Different)

“There are two types of people in the world who are different from each other”.

Master Abdul Shakoor told me.

“Black and White”, I replied immediately.

“Do not talk about color ever, you dumb”.

I was…

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This is one of my favorite quotes. This is thought-provoking, no doubt.

In Simpsons, Bart was having a bad day and said to Homer that this is the worst day of his life, but Homer corrected him by adding “so far”. Homer wanted to teach Bart a lesson that the day you are thinking the worst may be not “the Worst” because you do not know what else is coming in the future. Who knows “the worst day” is still out there in the future? Who knows the day you are living in is not “the worst”. …

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